Communications & Advocacy Toolkit

The most effective advocacy tool is you! Becoming an advocate and supportive voice for our industry is one of the most important actions you can take to ensure the media, policymakers and key stakeholders understand the value of face-to-face meetings and events. Meetings Mean Business has brought a toolkit of communication and advocacy resources to support leaders and professional across the meetings and events industry and enhance our industry’s ability to speak with one voice. 

MMB Toolkit

These core tools include messaging, FAQs, talking points, social content for use across individual channels, quote sheet and a list of members.

Coalition Info 101

One page fact sheet providing you with topline messages from the coalition.

Talking Points

Messaging document specific to each of the campaign’s three pillars: creating personal connections, driving positive business outcomes and building strong communities.


Provides detailed answers to the prominent questions from industry leaders.

What Others Are Saying

Find out what leaders across industries are saying about meetings and events.

Brand Standards

This document provides an overview of the MMB brand as well as guidelines on how to use the design assets and creative materials provided.

Social Media Content

Drafted content for sharing across coalition members’ individual social channels.

Industry Data Library

Below, we have incorporated an up-to-the-minute resource library, which provides members with data and research spanning the entire industry.

2013 CEIR Index Results Released

The CEIR Index analyzes the 2013 exhibition industry and provides a future outlook for the next three years.

2014 Meetings Forecast

American Express’ forecast for the meeting and events industry, includes global and regional trend information.

A Conference Call in Real Life

Video that brings to life the awkward moments of a conference calls.

Business Meetings in a Modern World

Summary of IHG’s global research study finding that businesses increase revenue by investing in face-to-face.

Business Travel Fact Sheet

One-page fact sheet from the U.S. Travel Association outlining the most salient economic information related to business travel.

CEIR Index

In-depth analysis and outlook for the exhibition industry, includes data tables and predictions through 2015.

CEIR Releases Second Quarter Results at CEIR Predict Conference

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) released second quarter data collected for the annual CEIR Index report, and the results marked a modest year-on-year gain of 1.0 percent. 

Click Here First Campaign Reports

Links to detailed reports from IAEE with helpful data and information dating back to 2012.

Click Here First: Face-to-Face Events Create Connections Campaign Goals

Summary of the IAEE’s campaign on the value of face-to-face marketing events.

Economic Impact of Meetings and Events Fact Sheets

Series of localized fact sheets from the U.S. Travel Association detailing impact of travel industry on states and individual political districts.

Economic Impact of the Travel Industry - Interactive Map

Interactive tool to show state-by-state impact of the jobs and economic value created by the U.S. travel industry.

Economic Significance of Meetings Infographic

Infographic highlighting the key findings from CIC's report on the significance of meetings to the U.S. economy.

Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy Executive Summary (2014)

A broad, detailed report from the CIC on the economic contributions of the meetings and events sector.

Economic Significance Study FAQ

The CIC summarizes key findings of the 2011 Economic Significance Report.

Event Impact Calculator

Tool from the DMAI to measure economic value of an event and calculates its return on investment.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Economy of Face-to-Face Meetings

The summer season of conferences, conventions, business meetings, incentive travel, tradeshows and exhibitions is in full swing – and with it comes the positive impact to local businesses and econo

Keep America Meeting Toolkit

Toolkit created by the U.S. Travel Association to help organizations articulate the impact and productivity of meetings.

Looking to Energize Employees, Engage Customers or Inspire Sales Teams? Meet! (2010)

Whitepaper from the Maritz Institute detailing qualitative information on the value of meetings, events and business travel.

Meetings Deliver

Quantitative look from MPI at how meetings drive sales and profitability for businesses and nonprofits.

Meetings Industry Statement of Support

PCMA pledge providing an overview of the value and ROI the meetings and events industry brings to participating organizations.

Social Media and the Value of Your Meetings

MPI report that sheds light on the value of social media to the meetings industry.

State of the Meetings Industry & 2013 Trend Forecast

First-ever findings from Destination Hotels & Resorts’ survey to top industry professionals on trends, tools and industry forecasts.

The Business Value of Meetings

Toolkit from MPI to help measure, understand and communicate the value of meetings.

The Case for Meetings and Events: Four Elements of Strategic Value (2009)

MPI briefing report outlining best practices to deliver, measure and report value of meetings.

The Economic Impact of Government Meetings Fact Sheet

One-page fact sheet from the U.S. Travel Association outlining the most salient economic information related to government meetings.

The Future of Meetings: The Case for Face to Face (2010)

Whitepaper from the Maritz Institute detailing the specific ROI of meetings, events and business travel.

The Return of Investment of U.S. Business Travel (2009)

Comprehensive report from the U.S. Travel Association on the ROI generated by business travel in the United States.

The Role of Business Travel in the U.S. Economy (2013)

Report from the U.S. Travel Association outlining the $2 trillion in annual economic output generated by the U.S. travel industry.

The Value & Economic Impact of IPW

A profile of the importance of IPW to the travel and tourism industry and its impact on the US economy.

The Value of Government Meetings (2013)

Report from the U.S. Travel Association detailing the significant contributions of government meetings and conferences to the U.S. economy.

The Value of Government Meetings and Conferences Fact Sheet

Two pages from the U.S. Travel Association with statistics and information on the economic value generated by government meetings.

The Value of Meetings - Roger Rickard

Video of Roger Rickard’s keynote address at the PCMA Education Conference.

Travel Effects – Economic Benefits

Website that highlights the overall economic impact of the travel industry.

What the Millennial Generation Prefers in their Meetings, Conventions and Events (2012)

PCMA research paper on generational differences and preferences around meetings and events.