10 Coronavirus Crisis Communication Tips

March 11, 2020
By Alex Plaxen, Vice President at Nifty Method Marketing & Events

The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is evolving rapidly, making clear communication between industry professionals, attendees and all those impacted by events especially essential. Alex Plaxen, Vice President of Experience Strategy, Nifty Method Marketing & Events and MMB Ambassador, shares his top ten tips for communicating effectively amidst this tough situation:

1. Be Transparent. It’s important that you are up front and honest with your attendees about the process you are taking in deciding whether or not to cancel or postpone your event. Uncertainty can cause confusion and incite panic.

2. Centralize Your Information. Create a blog post to share any and all updates regarding the outbreak and how it is impacting your event.

3. Do Not Delete. When sharing updates on your blog post, create a line break and a bold UPDATE header with the date at the top. Deleting information can imply it was either incorrect or you are trying to hide something.

4. Use Email as Your No. 1 Mode of Communication. Send an email to your attendees and stakeholders making them aware of the current situation and how it is being addressed by your organization. Provide a link to the blog post for future updates and any other resources they may need.

5. Establish Communication Expectations. Tell your attendees where (email, blog, social media, etc.) and how often you intend to communicate updates to them. This will help relieve some of the constant questions regarding when more information will be available.

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*updated 3.11.2020*