5 Tips to Host an Effective Global Meetings Industry Day Event

As a three-time Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) event host, I look forward each year to planning an event that lets me demonstrate the real impact the meetings and events industry has on my community and the world. Luckily, planning a GMID event does not need to be difficult!

Here are five tips for first-time GMID event hosts:

1. Start small. If this is your first GMID event, consider approaching the local chapter of a professional organization, such as Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) or Meeting Professionals International (MPI). See if it is already hosting an event on the same day that you can add a GMID talk to the agenda. Then continue to grow the event year after year.

The first GMID event I planned was in conjunction with a Rocky Mountain PCMA education program and I had five minutes on the agenda to talk about GMID. I had a small table set up where people could fill out postcards on what “meetings mean.” We had a bulletin board to post all the postcards and a selfie stick so people could take photos with their postcard. I’ve continued to grow my GMID event each year.

2. Use MMB’s free event host resources. Meetings Mean Business has many free resources available to you and you should use them. They have everything from talking points, sample social media messages, logos, invitation templates for elected officials, press release templates and so much more. Using these resources can save you hours of time and ensures that each GMID event has consistent messaging.

3. Leverage your network. Talk to your colleagues, partners, vendors and others in your industry network to help market and drive attendance for your event. Reach out to people you already know and work with, and ask them to join you in celebrating GMID. Then empower them to invite people from their networks. Using your industry network is the quickest and easiest way to spread the word about your GMID event.

4. Invite elected officials. One of the best ways to spread the message of Meetings Mean Business, GMID, and our industry is to invite elected officials to your event, such as your local city council or your state governor or member of congress. Having an elected official on your agenda will also help attract attendees to your event. If you cannot get an elected official to attend, then request to have them issue a proclamation officially naming the day Meetings Industry Day.

5. Share, share, share. If you don’t share it on social media, did it even happen? Encourage everyone at your event to share photos, tweets, videos, etc. using #GMID18 to raise the profile of the international day of meetings industry advocacy.

During my first GMID event, I put sample social media posts on the screen and had everyone in the room get on their phones and send out one message on their social media platform of choice.

Now you are ready to host your GMID event! Register your event here and start planning your event today.

Check out MMB’s free resources here to help you execute your best GMID program