MMB Ambassadors: Advocating for Our Industry’s Value in 2020

January 31, 2020
By Trina Camacho-London, Vice President, Global Group Sales, Hyatt Hotels Corporation and MMBC Co-Chair

As we begin 2020, an election year in the U.S., advocating for face-to-face meetings and events is all the more important. We know that storytelling is at the core of advocacy, which is why we’re lucky to have the MMB Ambassadors advocating with our coalition.

In 2019, this group of forty dedicated and creative meeting professionals served as the voice of our industry and extended our reach by: sharing stats and stories about the industry’s value to people, businesses and the economy; encouraging other meeting professionals to become industry advocates; developing new content, including blog posts, videos and case studies on the ROI of meetings; and recruiting supporters and third-party validators in business and government. They traveled to dozens of major industry events across North America and Europe, with MMB mission and values in tow.

“Last year, I traveled to several meetings across the U.S. advocating for the value of our industry on behalf of the coalition. As a director at Wilmington and Beaches CVB, I see how face-to-face meetings and events touch the lives of so many. I will always look for opportunities to share this important story with my peers both within and outside of our industry,” Molly Johnson, Director of Convention Sales at Wilmington Beaches Convention and Visitors Bureau and MMB Ambassador.

This year, our Ambassador cohort is set to make an even more substantial impact. Together, they are set to commit to over 150 industry advocacy activities over the next 12 months. By connecting with local elected officials and business leaders, Ambassadors will share their “Worth Meeting About” story to help ensure our country’s decision-makers understand the value face-to-face meetings and events bring to people, businesses and communities.

If you’re interested in serving as an Ambassador, or would like to nominate a colleague, please send us a note. We need your support to keep moving our mission forward.