What Millennials Want

August 4, 2015
By Meetings Mean Business

We’re often asked the question: When it comes to meetings and events, what do Millennials want?

As a demographic that has relied on technology since their childhood years, Millennials are commonly portrayed as a group that prefers texting to talking and online to real life. The truth is: They prize face-to-face meetings as much as, if not more than, previous generations. And they’re communicating loud and clear what they’re looking for in meetings and events.

We partnered with Skift – the travel industry’s largest intelligence and marketing platform – to examine the issue more closely. Skift has mastered the art of identifying and synthesizing trends, and worked with us to survey Millennials both in and out of the industry.

We were eager to understand what makes Millennials tick. Recognizing that they make up the largest segment of the U.S. workforce, we knew that understanding the expectations they bring to a meeting or conference, trade show or other type of event would be important not only for professionals in our industry, but the business community more broadly.

Here are a few takeaways from our research, released earlier today:

-Millennials place a lot of value on developing external professional networks and engaging in real world education. Corporate and association meetings are one of the few places Millennials can accomplish both.

-The emphasis on technology as a generational differentiator for Millennials has oversimplified and overshadowed other factors defining Millennials’ motivations in the professional workplace, and therefore, the meetings and events industry.

-For many, technology is a way to complement live engagement and network virtually before and after a live event occurs.

-The move toward open-learning meeting space, where attendees can roam among casual “campfire” sessions, is helping Millennials personalize their educational journey in a more spontaneous and organic process.


To see what other insights we uncovered and to learn more about how and why Millennials value face-to-face meetings, read the full report available here