Coronavirus Resources

We understand the months – even years – of work that precede major meetings and we recognize the incredible benefits that these gatherings bring to people, businesses and the economy.

Yet even as meetings are being cancelled and postponed, industry professionals at every level are continuing to donate food, time and free public services. There is perhaps no greater testament to the industry’s value and collective strength.

That’s why in lockstep with our partners from across the globe, the Meetings Mean Business Coalition is leading the way to promote fact-based decision-making and broaden awareness of the industry’s commitment to serving the public during this period of crisis and uncertainty. 

If you have not already, we hope you will commit to supporting your community in a way that makes sense for you and your organization at No act is too small.

In addition to providing updates and coordinating with experts from the health and safety community, we will continue to provide tailored resources and communications assistance to meeting and event planners, including the ones below.

*This page was last updated on 3/31/20*

Preparedness and Response

We expect the influx of questions and need for resources to remain steady, and as a coalition, we are committed to providing tailored resources and communications assistance to meeting and event professionals.


Looking for more information? Here is a shortlist of trusted resources.


Health Authorities and Academics



Coalition Members and Industry Partners